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Challenge #04 - Training at the Academy

Your Answers ----------------------------------------

(16/11) Vixen Uchiha : there will be 0 left out. we all know iruka would make it so every one would ba a part in the battle

Shika : You don't know Iruka as well as u think u do then ;)


(15/11) JamesBondJR073 : there should be a remander of 0

Shika : Your are not alone in thinking this. Please refer to previous wrong answers.


(13/11) dcollyer : No Students would be left over, because once you have divided the students in groups/squads of 4, you just have squads against sqauad, and then mix them up for round B to ensure no fights would occur twice.

Shika : It will be rewarding to study previous postings for a better understanding of the problem


(13/11) Klave : firstly i needed to find out the total number of students...I think this was the real only basis for the number of students was when at one battle where the two rounds have identical we could say that the number of students are divisible by two... but then we will realize all numbers divisible by two
are also divisible by four except when the multiplier is odd...where you get a remainder of two...

1*2=2 %4=2        2*2=4 %4=0
3*2=2 %4=2        4*2=8 %4=0 
5*2=10%4=2        6*2=8 %4=0

%(modulo is an operator that the answer is the
so possible answers is 2 or 0

lastly considering why iruka had to be confused means
that there was someone left there had to be
someone left out...

So if we consider the psychological side the remaider
is two...

Shika : Your first assertion is incorrect. (Refer to previous posting, someone have also made a similar mistake)


(12/11) Grant Bridgers : You have 4 nin per squad and none can fight the people they encontered in the last battle, if you you have 4 groups of four (all together a total of 16 shinobi...a reasonable class size right?). Thus, the first round is

group 1 vs group 2
Group 3 vs Group 4

The winner of each round fights eachother as do the losers, if the case was team 1 and 3 were victorious first time around, they would fight eachother while 2 and 4 got the chance to battle.

So, the second round is

Group 1 vs Group 3
Group 2 vs Group 4

Ne ne?? =3

Shika : Sorry, not even close.


(12/11) johannes nielsen : labeling: is the students labeled individually or in groups? or both?

4 man groups:

option 1: the groups were formed preor to 1st round.

option 2: the groups were formed btween 1st and 2nd round.

i'm struggling here.... it's not unresonnable for me to ask of you that you clarify the info given is it?

Shika : Individually of course.


(07/11) Yuri Miko : Well, I decided you read over everybody else's answers before giving mine. I did that so I could see what you said and maybe you gave out hints, and also my science class divides into groups of 4 and people who've been with eachother get into the same group again... Enough of that... Well here it goes...

Lets say theres a class of 16 students (there was never a specific given number) put into 4 squads. Each squad is labed A, B, C, D. A is supposidly a group of students who think they're the best so they want to chalenge all of the other squads. Now squad A has fought everybody else in the first round. B, C, D can be switched around to fight one another because they had been challenged and possibly didn't fight certain people. This all leaves the 4 hot shots from squad A out. 

That's my answer. I'm not completely sure about it though.

Shika : you shouldn't think you know these people. They are strangers and who knows what's on their mind.


(31/10) Marc Menzia : Well, this is my first time trying to guess one of these, but I think I've atleast got it started to be answered (probably not though...)

I would have to say that there wouldn't be any extra people.  Considering if the battles go one on one, then they go down until there is one last battle, 1 on 3, 1 on 2, it doesn't matter considering there will be one victor.  If the battles go unevenly, then let's say;

1 person fights 2, as simultaneously 1 person fights 3 people.  If the single people win, then they fight each other and then there's only one left.  If the duo wins and single wins, tehn there's either one victor to go and fight or the other two who are still an even number, and can also go into 4.  If the Duo and the Trio wins, then it goes to a 2 on 3 battle where if the duo wins, even again, and if the Trio wins, then they continue to battle until they are diminished.

It's all a matter of time.

Shika : Just by considering the numbers(answer)you gave, it is wrong. I am not so sure about the reasoning, but then again how can a sound piece of reasoning give definite wrong answers? This point is worthy of contemplation. Let us meditate on it..........  


(30/10) Hannah Wilson : I think that the answer is a variable. The question doesnt say how many students there are in the begining

Shika : what then is the range of values.


(27/10) Bahman : since you asked for "the possible numbers of students to be left over", i would have to say the possible numbers are 1, 2, and 3.

Shika : please refer to a previous posting which I mentioned " Would I ruin my reputation by asking such an idiotic question?" :P


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